Blockchain Data Pipeline

Blockchain Data Pipeline Overview

Stream blockchain data into your backend via webhooks, lambdas, kafka topics and more. Data pipeline is the fastest and most reliable way to listen for real time events on chain.

Streams API features

With Data Pipeline you can listen for when a new event is emitted in your contract or for when a wallet address does an NFT transfer or a transaction. You can also get notifications for native and internal transactions. You will receive requests for those events specific to your stream configuration.

  • Get blockchain events streamed to your backend directly in real-time.
  • Listen to wallets or contract events, or both with multiple streams.
  • Track one address or millions with just one stream.
  • Fully customize your streams using filters.
  • Listen for events from all contract addresses.
  • Add your custom ABI and choose which events you want to listen too.
  • and much more...

Use Cases

Common use-cases include:

  • Realtime Wallet notifications (monitor when an address sends, receives, stakes, swaps, or burns assets).
  • Monitor assets (get notifications when an asset is being sent, received, staked, swapped, or burned).
  • In game specific events, for example when a quest is finished in your web3 game.
  • Token sales (get notifications for when someone participates in your token sale).
  • Any other smart contract event fires on-chain based on your filters.

Listen to all addresses

  • Listen to all NFT contract transfers.
  • Listen to all events from new contracts specific to a contract factory.
  • Listen to all NFT contracts transfers where sender is a specific address.
  • Listen to all ERC20 contract transfers where sender is a specific address and number of coins transferred is over a set threshold.

High reliability

  • UTILITI guarantees 100% delivery of webhooks.
  • If your service is down UTILITI will retry to send the webhook in intervals.
  • If your service fails to receive the webhooks you can manually replay.

Additional Info

All supported operations, their fields, and error codes are available through our OpenAPI schema.

OpenAPI Docs:

Coming Soon...

We are working on new features. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have any requests!