Transaction Relay (TX)

Transactions Overview (Tx Relay)

TX Relay allows you to send transactions via a regular HTTP API and manages the entire transaction lifecycle to guarantee transaction finality. It manages transaction signing, nonce management, gas pricing estimation, and resubmissions to ensure it is mined at the most competitive price possible.

Use cases

TX makes sending transactions and calling contracts from an application simple and frictionless & optimizes end-user experiences.

Use it whenever you want to do mass airdrops, programmatically send transactions, call contracts, & every time you find yourself using an Identity Wallet in your code.

Common use-cases include:

  • Sending meta-transactions to build a gasless experience.
  • React to sign-ups in your app by airdropping tokens to your new users.
  • Update an on-chain oracle with external data.
  • and much more...

What’s in Tx Relay?

All Identity Wallets come with built-in access to Tx Relay. Whenever you send a transaction through Tx Relay, the corresponding wallet’s private key will be used for signing. Each Identity Wallet has a queue for sending transactions, where all transactions sent through the wallet will be sent in order.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to fund each Identity Wallet individually to pay for the gas of the transactions you send.

We are working to implement Smart Accounts in the future as well, to support batched transactions, gas tokens, and cold keys for on-chain management.

Gas Price Escalation

Tx Relay uses a dynamic gas price escalation algorithm in order to get your transaction mined at the most competitive prices within predefined confirmation time windows.

The system will calculate an initial lower gas price and re-publish the transaction with gradually increasing gas prices based on an escalation schedule until the transaction is mined and confirmed.

FAST - (Recommended for most transactions) Targets the transaction to be mined within 60 seconds.

MEDIUM - Targets the transaction to be mined within 5 minutes.

SLOW - Targets the transaction to be mined within 1 hour.

Guaranteed Delivery

You don't have to worry about any stuck transactions using Tx Relay. We utilize atomic nonce management and stateful workflows which guarantee that your transaction won't be dropped due to any nonce gaps.

You should know!

With the Transaction Gateway there is a 100% success rate on all our Transactions. Complexity of nonce management, gas estimation, failed transactions, uncle blocks, rebroadcasts and more transaction complexities are all taken care of.


Try using Tx Relay with webhooks to quickly react to events in your Smart Contract. See Webhooks section for more information.

Additional Info

All supported operations, their fields, and error codes are available through our OpenAPI schema.

OpenAPI Docs:

Coming Soon...

We are working on new features. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have any requests!

  • Pausing Tx Relay to quickly respond to an emergency.
  • Add allowlist or blocklist for wallet addresses and contracts.
  • Private transactions!
  • Signing custom messages prefixed with "\x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n" compatible with EIP-191 standards.
  • Custom policies for gas pricing and block finality.