Transaction Relay (TX)

Create Meta Transactions

Create a new gas-less transaction that is EIP-2771 compatible.

Meta-transactions (gas-less transactions)

Tx Relay is a general-purpose relayer, in the sense that you can use it to send any transaction you want to your contracts. In particular, it can also be used for relaying meta-transactions on behalf of your users. You just need to decide whether or not to relay a given meta-transaction, and then invoke TX Relay for sending it.

This way, you can offer a full gasless experience in your dapp. The same applies to other sidechains supported by Utiliti.

Send EIP-2771 compatible meta-transactions

Tx Relay has a modified API call which additionally takes in a "forwarder_address". This must be a valid Identity Wallet which has been enabled for handling meta-transactions. The transaction will be sent through the forwarder wallet and the "from_address" will be appended to the end of the data.

const response = await fetch('', { method: "POST", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", "X-API-key": "<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>" }, body: JSON.stringify({ "chain_id": 5, // Ethereum Goerli "from_address": "0xC96524bbeB102d9246ED6a4A07909c7f1Dd2AF8e", // overrides _msgSender() in EIP2771 compatible contracts "to_address": "0x23C96144969A9d7c802a96CbF0d539210d176B38", // Contract Address "params": { // Contract Parameters "from": "0x57a3cdee5886f8f0508f6c0e77c8ec4e74b0238a", "to": "0xb1437af7c9735529adb3d33288f6fea4f494e910", "tokenId": 2 }, "contract_function_name": "safeTransferFrom", "abi": "<YOUR_CONTRACT_ABI>", "gas_limit": 200000, "gas_strategy": "FAST" "forwarder_address": "0x0EE553435DE5F9761fdB7b92daa13A28Eb7b7419" // Relay Address }) })