Dynamic Metadata

Dynamic Metadata Overview

Dynamic Metadata is a collection of endpoints designed to simplify metadata creation, management, and deletion for your ERC-721 / ERC-1155 contracts. Instead of generating thousands of files and managing them individually, use Dynamic Metadata to quickly update names, descriptions, and attributes programatically.

Use Cases

  • Gamify your NFT by updating its image as it evolves into different forms
  • Allow users to update the name of your NFT for increased personalization
  • Add attributes to your NFT as rewards when users complete missions or quests on your application
  • and many more...!

Additional Info

All supported operations, their fields, and error codes are available through our OpenAPI schema.

OpenAPI Docs: https://api.utiliti.ai/docs

Coming Soon...

We are working on new features. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have any requests!

  • Dynamically generate image based on attribute layers
  • 1-click generate a collection's metadata through the console
  • Query metadata by attribute values