Identity Overview

Utiliti Identity is designed to reduce the complexity of working with digital assets by handling private key secure storage for web3 applications and users. Identity allows you to create and manage EVM accounts via a regular HTTP API without the private key being exposed to your applications. All accounts created through Identity integrate seamlessly with Tx Relay to handle nonce-management and gas pricing to ensure that transactions get mined with a 100% success rate.

Use Cases

Use Identity when you need to manage digital assets within your code.

  • Automatically create Ethereum accounts for a user when they sign up for your website.
  • Securely transfer assets between accounts from your code without exposing the private key.
  • Send transactions that handle nonce-management and gas repricing through TX Relay.
  • and much more...

How does Identity Work?

Utiliti Identity provides APIs for creating, retrieving, and deleting EVM accounts. Each account comes with built-in access to Tx Relay for handling operations such as contract deployment or transferring assets.

Every time you create a new wallet, Identity will create a new private key in a secure vault and give you the account's public key. The private keys never leave the vault. All signing operations occur within the vault for handling transactions.


For security reasons, it is not possible to import an existing private key into Identity or export a private key created through Identity. The public address of the wallets can be accessed however for handling transactions and granting privileged roles to accounts.

While addresses generated through Identity support multiple chains, we don't recommend using them in multiple chains to avoid confusion.


All private keys are generated, encrypted, and stored within AWS Key Management Service. Our machines will never store the private key in memory and all operations (e.g. signing transactions) are performed within KMS.

Additional Info

All supported operations, their fields, and error codes are available through our OpenAPI schema.

OpenAPI Docs:

Coming Soon...

We are working on new features. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have any requests!

  • Email notifications for wallet balances
  • OAuth integration