Platform Overview

The intelligent blockchain development platform

UTILITI is a mainstream developer’s gateway to web3.

We’ve strived to create the most powerful suite of blockchain development APIs and workflows available, all in one place.


Contract Wizard

Search, edit, audit, and deploy contracts with our AI-assistant. (Coming soon)


Managed wallets-as-a-service. Create and manage EVM custodial and smart EVM accounts via API without the private key being exposed to your applications.

Transaction Relay (TX)

The ultimate transaction relay. Send transactions and call contracts 11.2x faster, provide users gasless transactions, guarantee transaction finality, and get real-time block confirmation updates.


The most powerful blockchain indexing service available. Query and index any data on any chain. Infinite granularity, <50ms latency.

Data Pipeline

Securely stream contract & wallet events via webhooks, SNS, Kafka, and more. Highly available, <50ms latency, built for real-time performance.

Dynamic Metadata

Store, host, and dynamically update metadata. Instantly and gaslessly update token data, NFT assets, and more.

Giga Node

Fast, automatic, infinitely scalable node infrastructure. Giga node powers all of UTILITI’s services and automatically scales to your customers’ demand.


UTILITI’s services are 100% free until January 2023 when we end our open-beta. For dedicated nodes and enterprise support please contact us.

Our mission is to make it so that any developer can build on any blockchain, in any coding language, easily. We provide the most powerful web3 tools and infrastructure available today, ensuring developers don’t have to string together a dozen disparate services.

Our customers have built web3 games, NFT marketplaces, ticketing applications, and more. What will you build?