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The most evolved web3 development platform. Everything you need to build & scale decentralized applications and games with ease.
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Web3 development as easy as...

1. Create

Contract Wizard

The most powerful smart contract workflow. Search, write, and deploy smart contracts all in one place.

2. Build

Query, Data Pipeline, Tx, Dynamic Metadata

Connect your app to the blockchain, send transactions, host metadata, index & stream on-chain data, and more.

3. Onboard


Seamlessly onboard mainstream users with custodial and non-custodial wallets, and frictionless user logins.

Powered by Giga Node

A hyper-performant cache and elastic node orchestration AI that intelligently selects the fastest and highest availability node providers for every workload.

UTILITI is the bridge from web2 to web3.

💎 NFTs
🎮 Games
🏆 Loyalty
‍💻 Dev Platforms
💬 Social Networks

Unified platform.

Frictionless web3 for developers and mainstream users.
Our platform was built so that anyone can build on any blockchain, easily. We automate infrastructure management and abstract away all complexity for developers, powering digital loyalty programs, NFT marketplaces, fan experiences, games, and all other scalable mainstream use-cases.

UTILITI solutions

Giga Node

AI powered multi-node infrastructure.

No more infrastructure management, vendor lock-in, and unreliability.

Transaction Relay (TX)

Faster, cheaper, and more reliable.

11.2x faster, 100% success rate, smart gas estimation, real-time notifications.


Onboard and manage users.

Identity wallet-as-a-service combines user login flows, smart wallets, and in-depth user analytics.


Query and index data, fast.

Select, query, and index any NFT, DeFi, Transaction, or Token data in 100ms or less.

Data Pipeline

On chain event tracking made simple.

Stream contract and wallet events into your backend via webhooks, SNS, and Kafka.

Dynamic Metadata

Store, and dynamically update metadata.

Store, host and instantly/gaslessly update token data, NFT assets.

Contract Wizard

Write, find, audit, and deploy contracts.

1,000,000+ smart contracts analyzed and catalogued, and thousands deployed.


For enterprises forging their Web3 path.

Our team of big tech escapees is here to help you.


Enterprise blockchain intelligence.

Insights, analytics, and tools to drive growth.

Unified Platform
Powerful technologies
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Designed for developers
The world's most powerful and
easy-to-use blockchain APIs.
This is everything we wish we had when we started. An API abstraction for every use-case, built for mainstream developers. No rate limits, no stitching together disparate systems, no sacrificing security.
Tools for every stack.
We offer client and server libraries in everything from React and PHP to .NET and Python.
Build the future.
Utiliti combines powerful and intuitive web3 developer tools with resources, community, and hands-on support.