dynamic metadata

Store, host, and dynamically update metadata.

Built to power the future of dynamic NFTs. Store, host and instantly/gaslessly update token data, NFT assets, and more.

The future of NFTs is dynamic.

1const response = await fetch('https://api.utiliti.ai/metadata/ + "punks"', {
2  method: 'PUT',
3  headers: {
4    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
5    'X-API-key': '<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>',
6  },
7  body: JSON.stringify({
8    id: '1242',
9    image: 'cryptopunk1823_hat.png'
10  }),
New experiences

Improve the story

Instant updates.

Update by triggers.

Zero gas-fee.


Stored everywhere

High availability multi-cloud storage.

Decentralized options like IPFS.

Easy and abstracted.

Easy implementation

More powerful and intuitive

Easily host token data and assets.

Intuitive GUI.

Powerful APIs.

Built for the future of digital experiences.
Utiliti combines powerful and intuitive web3 developer tools with resources, community, and hands-on support