data pipeline

On chain event tracking made simple.

Securely stream contract and wallet events into your backend via webhooks, SNS, Kafka & more. Highly available, built for responsiveness.

Ingest events when:


An address receives, stakes, swaps or burns assets.


An asset is being sent, received, staked, swapped, or burned.


A battle starts in your web3 game, or a player earns an airdrop.


Any other smart contract event fires on-chain based on your filters.

On-chain events

Never miss an event

Subscribe to on-chain events.

Any EVM blockchain. .

Real-time notifications.

Simple & easy

Events in any format

Maximum performance.

Events any format.

Webhooks, SNS, Kafka, or our GUI.

Real-time events

Built for performance

Enterprise uptime,
low latency

High availability.

Maximum security.

Real-time performance.

Built for the modern attention span.
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