giga node

AI powered multi-node infrastructure.

No more infrastructure management, vendor lock-in, and unreliability. Giga Node automatically selects the best provider for your workload, optimizing for speed, cost, and availability.

The fastest and most reliable blockchain infrastructure management solution.

Intelligent node orchestration

No more manual infrastructure management

Automatic hot RPC endpoints.

Proprietary artificial intelligence.

Seamlessly scale to meet demand.

Lightning fast cache

Cloudflare meets blockchain

Proprietary data caching layer.

Minimum possible latency.

Maximum reliability

Best of all node providers

Maximum availability.

Heterogenous and redundant systems.

100% uptime, 24 hours a day.

Lowest costs

Removes inefficiency from blockchain infrastructure

All node providers in one place.

Automatically selects the lowest cost.

Not locked into vendors.

M +
of requests served
node infrastructure
K +
engineering hours saved
Leave managing and scaling infrastructure to us.
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