Query and index data on any blockchain, fast.

Select, query, and index any NFT, DeFi, Transaction, or Token data in 100ms or less.

The fastest and least expensive way to pull any data on any blockchain:


Query works an average 70% faster than comparable API services.


Say goodbye to unsensible rate limits and slow response times.


Simple to understand pricing with generous free tier.


Query provides a suite of reliable, well-documented REST API endpoints & intuitive SDKs.

Lightning fast

Get data in 100ms or less

Proprietary content delivery network.

Zero-latency cache.

Intelligent node orchestration.

Enterprise SLAs

Uptime & Reliability

99.99% uptime.

Zero rate limits.

Automatic metadata refresh.

Easy to install

Developer Friendly

Fully EVM-compatible.

Robust APIs.

Intuitive SDKs.

Pre-built integrations.

One API. All the data you need.
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