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UTILITI is building the ultimate web3 development platform for solo developers, project runners, and enterprises alike.

Our vision

Creating a world where web3 is so easy to implement that it is seamlessly integrated into peoples everyday lives.
We aim to onboard the next billion users by onboarding the next million web3 developers.

Our mission

Empowering forward-thinkers to utilise Web3 technology without having to sacrifice Web2 usability.
We do this by creating tools and providing guidance that makes adoption feel effortless.

Our founders

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Nikolas Moore, CEO & Founder
Prior to founding UTILITI, Nikolas led digital native go-to-market operations at Amazon Web Services. Deep experience in software-as-a-service business strategy, sales, and business development.
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Michael Choi, CTO
Serial entrepreneur startup CTO. Formerly VP at SeedCX and ZeroHash - deep experience in consumer tech, blockchain, and SaaS.

Along with the best in the industry

Drew Jennings

Dylan Cronkhite

Jasmine Leung

Danny Yocius

Build the future.
Whether you're architecting the next generation of decentralized finance, or building a web3 game, UTILITI's world-class team is here to support you.